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Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T)

Basic training… Not test standard

Take a deep breath and relax- The aim of a CBT course is to teach you the BASIC skills you need to stay safe whilst on the road. We ask that you come to us with a good knowledge of the Highway Code, but more than anything else, we just want you to enjoy the day, hopefully the first of many on two wheels.

In order to complete your CBT, you must have a valid provisional licence for the bike you’re going to ride:

  • 16 years old – 50cc scooter or motorbike-style moped
  • 17 years or older – 125cc geared motorbike or scooter

Additionally, you must be able to read a standard number plate from at least 20.5 metres.

You will need to produce your provisional licence and national insurance number on the day of your training. Please don't forget them as you can't train with us without them!

What to wear

At Bradley Rider Training, we can provide jackets, gloves, helmets and waterproof over trousers in most sizes for our students. We don't supply motorcycle trousers or bike boots. Please wear jeans and sturdy footwear, preferably boots that cover the ankle – trainers offer little protection when you're riding a motorbike.

What can I expect on my CBT?

5 elements A – E

A – In this classroom-based element, you'll be taught about the legal information on clothing, given sound advice on both what to wear and what not to wear when riding your motorbike.

B – You'll receive an introduction to the motorbike you'll be using for the CBT. You'll be shown all the controls, how to use them and how not to use them. You'll also learn about basic motorbike maintenance, including daily and weekly checks.

C – This is the element of your CBT where you'll learn to ride your bike. We'll focus on slow speed exercises, gear change exercises and emergency stops.

D – At this point, we'll come back to the classroom for a pre-ride discussion about everything you're likely to encounter whilst you're out on the road.

E – At this point, we'll go out riding on the road. Despite what you may have heard from your friends who've already completed their CBT courses, you'll be out on the road for a minimum of two hours, in accordance with the law. This is your chance to show your instructor what you've learned in the previous four elements of your CBT course, and that you can put it into practice on the road.

We will always try to place you on a CBT course with other students of the same ability. For example, if you've never ridden a bike before in your life, it's highly unlikely we'll place you on a course with other students who are doing their CBT for the fourth time.

Despite this, we occasionally have to have a group of students with mixed ability, in which event we will always set the pace to the lowest rider.

Our CBT courses start at 9AM and run through to either 4PM or 5PM. We will have a lunch break and regular stress breaks for both students and the instructor.

Most students complete their CBT in one day, but some take a little longer. At Bradley Rider Training, we want you to enjoy your day, not going home exhausted and scared senseless because you weren't ready for the road.

Remember, it's the journey you'll remember, not how long it took to get there.

For more information about our CBT courses in Chorley, email us or call 01257 269 066 today.