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Motorbike Direct Access Scheme Chorley

Chorley Yamaha Bradley Rider Training are committed to helping you complete the Direct Access Scheme, so you can hold a full, unrestricted motorbike licence. Not only are we the only approved training body (ATB) in Chorley, we’re the UK’s only fully backed Yamaha rider training school, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the best Direct Access Scheme training.

The Direct Access Scheme is the perfect way to gain a full and unrestricted motorbike licence, allowing you to ride larger and powerful models of bike.

Who can take the Direct Access Scheme?
In order to start your DAS training, you need to either be 24 years or older, or be 21 or older, passed an A2 test and been riding for 2 years. Either way, you must have a valid CBT Certificate and you must have passed your Theory and Hazard Perception test. Whilst you don’t need a theory test certificate to start training, but you won’t be able to book or take your test without one.

What to expect from your Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Module 1 & Module 2 tests
DAS Module 1 – your module 1 tests consists of a series of low speed exercises, along with 3 higher speed exercises.

DAS Module 2 – This practical road ride and test of how you react in different traffic situations lasts around 40 minutes.

Chorley Direct Access Scheme
If you’re currently under 24 and have held your full A2 licence for two years or more, you can do the progressive Direct Access Scheme to move up to a full unrestricted licence. If this is the case, you don’t need the CBT or Theory, just take your practical Module 1 and Module 2 tests again.

When you start your Direct Access Scheme in Chorley with us, we always go at a pace that suits you and your instructor. You will be given lots of encouragement and advice, and we’ll give you a gentle push in the right direction, whilst ensuring you never have to do an exercise you’re uncomfortable with.

At Bradley Rider Training, we have a new MT-07 fleet including a range of full height and lowered bikes and 46bhp restricted bikes for the A2. Our lowered bikes are especially useful for students who have difficulty getting both feet on the ground, and combined with the low weight of the MT-07, you have the bike perfect for students of all shapes and sizes.

Find out more about our Chorley Direct Access Scheme motorbike training course, don’t hesitate to call 01257 269 066 or email us at bradleyridertraining@gmail.com today.